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It's that time again when the natives are getting restless and dream of taking off ... to some undiscovered hideaway or unforgettable place of beauty.

At GoBalticEurope, we want to share with you the joy of “Discovering the Beauty of the Baltic.” To find out more about the Baltic, the best place to go is the Baltic Sea Tourism Commission's website: The BTC promotes tourism in and around Europe's Baltic Sea region.

On this website you'll find some great ideas for independent travelers, as well as for the travel trade. Check out, too, the new hard copy edition of the magazine, “Baltic Sea Breezes,” a BTC initiative. According to the BTC, it was the very first tourist guide published jointly by Scandinavia, the Baltic states, Poland, Germany, and Russia (St. Petersburg). The magazine is published annually, and is an excellent guide to the culturally diverse countries in the area.

If that's not enough for you, take a look at the map of the Baltic states previewed at The New York Times Travel Show, 2005. The map, published by the Estonian Tourist Board, the Latvian Tourism Development Agency, and the Lithuanian State Department of Tourism, is one of the best on the Baltics. For more information on these countries, go online to,, and

The publishers invite the world to come and sample the charm of the Baltic countries, namely, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which are located just east across the Baltic Sea from Sweden, just south of Finland, and west of Russia. So what are you waiting for?

“Travel World News,” the magazine for destination travel specialists, is another good source of information for members of the travel trade. They have published European Supplements focused on Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland), as well as issues on the 10 newest countries to join the European Union, including the Baltic countries.

There's no doubt about it, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are fast-becoming three of today's hottest world tourism destinations. So get ready, get set, and go to Baltic Europe!

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