Amber Mania

Loretta Siotka of Mrytle Beach, SC, shopping for amber in Vilnius.     Photo by Ann Charles
  What's honey colored, organic, and millions of years old? You guessed it ... amber!

Here are 10 things you should know about amber:
1)   In the Baltic region, amber was found in graves dating back to the Stone Age.
2)   Amber is actually fossilized resin and organic in nature. It is 50 million years old.
3)   If you walk along the coast of the Baltic Sea, you will often find amber
            floating in the water.
4)   The Amber Museum in Palanga, a resort town in Lithuania, houses
            30,000 pieces of amber.
5)   Want to buy something special made from amber? Go to the Amber Gallery
            in Vilnius. You'll get a crash course in this precious gemstone.
6)   Colors of amber can range from pale yellow to rich, reddish browns,
            and just about everything in-between.
7)   Amber is found in many places around the world, including Lithuania, Latvia,
            Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, and the Dominican Republic.
8)   Insects, leaves and flowers are often trapped in amber. They make great
            environmentally-friendly gifts.
9)   When visiting Vilnius, go to Sauluva, a great place to buy gifts,
            for a framed picture made from amber.

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